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I know the silence on this page for the last several years has been deafening. You have my sincere apologies, dear readers. Creativity is a fickle muse at best, and she went dormant on me for too long. Few of you may know of the recent events in my life – a long-term relationship ended, and I moved from one state to another to live closer to my cherished “framily.” With the change came a different job and a new life perspective. I started thinking about finally putting down roots and becoming a homeowner. And then…I fell off a ladder at work and broke my ankle. Life came to a screeching, painful halt. Thankfully, I’ve been well taken care of on all fronts, but the injury called for some different roles and duties at work. I’ve had to dust off some long unused web design and maintenance skills from a job I held in the web hosting field nearly twenty years ago. However, the result has been a flexing of the creative muscle. One act of creativity leads to another, and voila, the creative writing muse wakes up.

The creative flow has been just a trickle, but that trickle is more than I’ve seen and exercised in a long time. I’ve been working on She Will Become bit by bit, cutting out parts that only added word count and doing nothing to move the story forward. I’m pleased by the improvements these cuts have made. It reads so much faster and smoother now. Yet, I’m nowhere near done. This novel has been a massive undertaking that only seems to grow with each draft I tackle. Progress is progress, though, no matter how I view it.

From Ashes Rise is on the back burner for now. An entirely different beast, with a main character about as far from Tristen Callayas as possible, FAR requires more personal work to continue planning. As with all of my stories, the truth that supports the fiction is deeply personal, and I want to give Teresa “DJ Rezz” Parker the outlet she deserves.

Well, readers, that’s about it for now. Please stay tuned for more content! I’ll be adding book reviews shortly! Thanks for reading!

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