The Lucky Star House of Celestial Pleasures

The Lucky Star House of Celestial PleasuresThe Lucky Star House of Celestial Pleasures by Hank Kellner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The chuckles began at page one; the sometimes snorting laughter somewhere around page five. The Lucky Star House is a riot of a read – satire done right. Using a varied array of characters and preposterous situations in which to entangle them in, Kellner makes dozens of keen insights on the state of today’s society couched in off color humor, outrageousness and out-right exaggeration.

Winston Finn is an amusing character that, while post-middle-aged, snags the reader’s attention right away. Liberty Belle is a spitfire I wish I had the grace to know as a real person, and each of the other many characters that cross their paths are so authentic in voice that one can start to wonder about the veracity of the author’s claim that the events recorded genuinely happened.

Kellner has also paid admirable attention to the appearance of his text. Any editing misses were so slight they are mentioned only in passing.

Engaging, modern and plausible, Kellner delivers with The Lucky Star House, earning a rating of 5 stars.

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