Tales from the Rainbow Bridge

Tales from the Rainbow BridgeTales from the Rainbow Bridge by A. Abbie Aardmore
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*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review*

Tales from the Rainbow Bridge is exactly what you think it is: a book full of heartwarming tales about animals (mainly dogs) whom have left this life and are waiting for their owners, or “heart holders” in the grassy green meadows at the base of the Rainbow Bridge.
Charmingly told from the first person – or doggy, as the case may be – perspective of Zack, a dog that has just been put to sleep due to cancer, this book alternately made me laugh and cry. Truthfully I did an equal amount of both despite the fact that I read this within weeks of losing a beloved animal and longtime family pet. The fact that Ms. Aardmore was able to balance the tears with an appreciable amount of humor goes a long way toward making this book easily readable and not an interminable sob fest I was expecting.
I was constantly struck by just how much the author knew dogs, and animals in general. She put a considerable amount of thought into the writing of this book, delivering tales of heartbreak and woe amid just as many tales of joyous homecoming and reunion. Zack’s emotions and deeply abiding, unconditional love made him a narrator impossible not to love and become emotionally invested in, so that by the end of the book I was an overjoyed as he was when at last he is reunited with his heart holder.
She also does a beautiful job with taking into consideration how humans can love many animals and across multiple species throughout their lifetimes, including a story about a woman who loved both a horse and a dog, and Mirielle’s (Zack’s human) second dog Cochese Bad Dog; thereby rounding out the full experience of the human-animal bonding.
My son was deeply affected by our recent loss of our family cat. I’m happy to say that having pre-screened this emotionally evocative book I will gladly encourage him to delve into its pages. This is a book that can and should be read by anyone who has ever had a pet of any species, with all likelihood that they will reach some kind of healing in the reading even if they weren’t a dog owner. I know that I cannot wait to see all of my beloved animals, from childhood and throughout the rest of my remaining life, at the foot of that glorious Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you Ms. Aardmore. This book is a genuine gift of love and compassion.

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