Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Black LiesBlack Lies by Alessandra Torre
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Black Lies might just be Torre’s biggest “totally did not expect that!” twist of a novel yet. Revolving around two main characters, Layana Fairmont and Brant Sharp, this novel takes you on an erotic mystery ride worth waiting in line for.

I don’t want to talk too much detail of the plot in this review. Awhile back I had the chance to interview Torre and happened to ask her for more information on the book since it wasn’t yet released. She politely declined providing said teaser information citing the blurb was enough and that going into detail would only spoil the surprise. I respected this even though I didn’t understand what could possibly be so secretive. However, after having read the book I completely comprehend the need for reticence. Despite the fact that this book has been out since August of 2014 I will continue to respect the reticence, leaving the ultimate surprise up to the reader.

At first reading of the blurb I did think oh, wait, another Sex, Love, Repeat. Hasn’t she done this plot line before? However, the blurb is correct. This is not another Sex, Love, Repeat. So not Sex, Love, Repeat . I can’t stress that enough. Yes, Layana sleeps with two different men but … well; you’ll just need to read it to find out exactly how it’s not the same plot line.

While loving the book and all its myriad twists and turns, I can say that Black Lies does not deviate from what I consider Torre’s typical formula in having at least one of her main characters absolutely stinking rich. Layana comes from money, having been bred for high society life. Brant is a self-made billionaire tech head. I understand that being incredibly wealthy opens up avenues in story telling that abject poverty does not but for once I would like Torre to write a novel that doesn’t fantastically transport our imaginations toward a life of never-ending greenbacks and the opportunities such wealth affords. I’d love to see some characters that have to grub about in the poverty-dirt, experiencing life from the ground up instead of from above a plush currency-cushion. Give us less fantasy and more down-to-earth characters that have to struggle with the baser aspects of life. Torre is a deft hand at giving us characters whose emotions and thoughts bleed through, making them relatable in certain aspects, compelling us to love them despite the differences in life styles and financial status. Could she be just as adept at giving us new characters that have to scrounge for a better standard of living while carrying on some exciting erotic adventure? I would love to find out.

Overall I gave this book the highest rating possible. Torre delivers a spectacular tale no one is likely to anticipate. I wasn’t able to put this book down so I suspect others might not be able to either. She kept me guessing from page one, having sculpted a story with genius forethought and creative dexterity. Black Lies is not a novel to be missed!

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