New FREE short story

A few days ago I decided I wanted to go through my old writing (dating back to high school days in some cases) to see if there was anything salvage-able. Yesterday I finally pulled the old box out of the closet and went rooting through it. I found quite a few things I didn’t expect to find and a few that I was hoping to. One such item that I was hoping to find was a short story that I had written back in ’95 or ’96 for an anthology magazine that our creative writing class put together to feature all of the talent.

Santa Claus: An Unauthorized Biography was my first random attempt at writing something humorous and taking a leap into giving a fairy tale/myth a new take. I’ve always been a fan of stories in which the author writes from the traditional “villain” perspective and provides a look into the humanity that shapes what we consider evil. I thought doing the reverse for Santa Claus might be a fun experiment that turned out to be right.

In honor of discovering this little treasure as well as following through on the promise I made to my Facebook and Twitter followers for reaching 125 likes (although I am well past that point now at 424 likes, W00T!) I present Santa Claus: An Unauthorized Biography for your reading pleasure. In contrast to my other free shorts this falls into the sci-fi, non-erotica genre. If there are enough views/page hits I will consider making it downloadable for all e-reader formats.



Welcome to my Words and Writers website! I am the lucky winner of their recent contest for a free pre-designed author website and am excited to build this into the one and only site where you can find any and all things creatively produced – novels, artwork, etc.

Please feel free to poke around. I am still in the process of adding information and fleshing this beauty out so if you have any suggestions or feedback please use the Contact Me page.

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