Request a Review

Hello authors of the wide world! Yes, I do FREE book reviews!! (Any reviewer worth their salt would never think of charging to review a book/story so don’t be fooled by scam artists or promises of 5 star reviews!) My blog, the Inkwell is full of them, most from my time spent with The Review Board where we offered free, honest, unbiased reviews. If you’ve read any of them you can see I read all genres pretty much across the spectrum.

If you’d like to be one of those authors whose book(s) I review, you’re in luck because I do take requests. However, since my paid job is for the world’s largest online retailer the time I have limited time available to do reviews. For this reason I am limiting requests to only one per month so that I can deliver my undivided attention. This limitation means a bit of waiting, unfortunately.

Please note: I do not promise any specific rating, assessing each book/story by individual merits. I’m not a reviewer who tears the author or their work to shreds with negativity. I’m all about constructive criticism. Remarks on editing misses, etc aren’t included in the review text unless they are overwhelming and truly detract from the reading. Instead, I offer these as a separate, private feedback for the author as a courtesy.

If you are looking for a guaranteed rating please don’t bother sending in a request as it will be automatically declined.

I read a variety of formats including EPUB, MOBI and PDF. I will accept hard copies if that is the only medium available, but I generally tell authors to save the cash it takes to send me anything in the mail. Digital format = saving time and money = getting your review to you faster. 

Don’t mind waiting? Good. Feel free to use the contact form below to send me your information. I do my best to respond to requests with a 48 hour window. If you haven’t received an email response within that window send your request again. In the meantime, happy writing and glorious reading!