Wordsmith Reviews

Listed below you will find book reviews that I have written, most in conjunction with The Review Board, an amazing group of readers dedicated to providing free, honest and unbiased critiques and feedback for books across all genres. I encourage you to check out their website for an even broader selection of reviews.

Please note, this page is still under construction so check back for more links. All reviews can also be found by perusing The Inkwell while I compile the list and apply it here for your convenience.

Listed by most recent review written:

Ian Pemberton by Steven Hugh (Contemporary Fiction)

Barbara Baker by Steven Hugh (Contemporary Fiction)

Hunters Quest by Kasper Beaumont (Fantasy)

Whisper Gatherers (Book 1 of the Echoes from the Lost Ones series) by Nicola McDonagh (YA Dystopian)

The Blessed Man and the Witch by David Dubrow (Urban Fantasy/Apocalyptic Fiction)

Dancing on Rocks by Rose Senehi (Contemporary Fiction/Romance)

Black Lies by Allessandra Torre (Erotic fiction)

Murder by Bequest by MR John Spencer Yantiss (Mystery)

Tales from the Rainbow Bridge by a. abbie. aardmore (Contemporary Fiction)