Here you will find a treasure trove of free or nearly free short stories written by Andrea Houtsch in a variety of genres. Use the tabs below to explore what’s on tap!

She Will Become related:

Between the Pages

Cover art by Y. Correa


Between The Pages: Sedge and Akiva 

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The servants of Castle Westphalia are forbidden from fraternizing. Personal relationships are taboo. This doesn’t stop Sedge and Akiva, two unlikely lovers. One is a thief and spy, the other a bookworm and archivist. When the festival of Wintertide arrives Sedge wants to take his lover out to celebrate but Akiva has other plans. She’s on a secret mission for illicit information and only reluctantly agrees to allow him to help when he decides any time alone with her is time he’ll take no matter what they’re doing. Follow Sedge and Akiva as they descend into the belly of the castle to explore the archives and each other.


Stitching Inseams

Cover art by Y. Correa


Stitching Inseams: Nyra and Astrid

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Meet Castle Westphalia’s court seamstress and tailor, Nyra Sellet and her assistant and life partner, Astrid. Tristen Callayas has come to Abiniam from Earth and turned society on its head with her other-worldly ideas on how women should dress, among other ideas. Tristen’s penchant for trousers has Abiniam’s Peerage raising polite eyebrows and filling Nyra’s coffers and hours with design work. There simply hasn’t been time for anything beyond scissors, needles and thread for weeks and the two women are feeling the gulf between them. Become a fly on the wall with Stitching Inseams: Nyra and Astrid as these two creative denizens of Abiniam make time for one another and sharing their love.


Other Erotica:

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Santa Claus: An Unauthorized Biography

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